We Have Moved!
Our new location is at 10910 Sheldon Rd, Tampa, FL 33626.
We continue to offer in-person and telehealth services to meet the needs of all of our clients. New clients are welcome. Contact us to schedule your appointment and to discuss your visit options.


Florida Medical Psychology Associates, LLC, Tampa Bay’s premier health psychology group, was established to promote physical and mental health and wellness in collaboration with primary care and specialty medical settings. The doctors of Florida Medical Psychology Associates (Andrea Friedman, Ph.D., Perry Kaly, Ph.D., Mario Rodriguez, Ph.D., and Marina Unrod, Ph.D.) are licensed psychologists who specialize in applying the principles of clinical psychology to health promotion, disease prevention, and adjustment to illness.

Professional services include psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy, psychological assessment, coaching, and educational workshops. Specialty areas include mood and anxiety disorders, weight loss, bariatric surgery, stress management, insomnia, eating disorders, diabetes self-care, cardiac risk-reduction, chronic pain, cancer, memory screening, women's health, positive parenting, life transitions, and bereavement. Their unique approach to integrating psychological care in collaboration with physicians’ practices promotes the comprehensive management of patients’ physical, behavioral, and psychological health care needs.

Our Doctors

Perry Kaly, Ph.D.

Perry Kaly, Ph.D.

Andrea Friedman, Ph.D.

Andrea Friedman, Ph.D.

Marina Unrod, Ph.D.

Marina Unrod, Ph.D.

Mario Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Mario Rodriguez, Ph.D.


We provide an array of empirically validated services to address individual patient needs. The most common reasons for seeking treatment include mood and anxiety disorders (such as depression, generalized anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder), life transitions (such as divorce, job loss, retirement, new parenthood, empty nest, bereavement), recent health events, and interpersonal conflict, to name a few.

General services include: assessment, psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy, coaching, consultations with businesses and organizations, & workshops. Treatment approaches include evidence based: cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), positive psychotherapy, insight oriented, problem-solving, and mindfulness/relaxation methods.

Specialized Services

Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery

Pre-surgical bariatric evaluations to patients at BayCare's St. Joseph's and South Florida Baptist hospitals

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are treated using a CBT based treatment approach in coordination with patients' medical and nutritional team

Pain Management

We offer cognitive-behavioral interventions, which address the psychosocial distress and related factors facing pain patients

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, cognitive reframing, and assertiveness training

Memory Screening

We offer neuropsychological evaluations that specifically screen for dementia and other cognitive decline

Gifted Assessment

We are using the RIAS (Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales) to measure intellectual functioning in children

Pre-IVF Treatment Evaluations

Pre-treatment psychological evaluations which are required by many fertility specialty practices

Diabetes Self-Care

Our patients are taught behavioral self-management strategies to help them develop and maintain healthy lifestyle

Cardiac Risk Reduction

We teach cardiac patients how to positively change their negative lifestyle habits to enhance overall cardiac health